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As a company we try our best to give a realistic route to creating a new brand for yourself. We offer a wide variety of skills developing courses, which allows our students to improve and grow their knowledge within the industry, creating a steady route for each person to develop their new business.

A major goal for Style Architects is to develop job creation by supporting and developing the minds of entrepreneurs. We support all our students, even when they have completed their workshops – we do 6 month check-ups to see if each students has set out to create a business, and if there is any way we can assist them or give advice. By creating a genuine support structure, each person will succeed in the development of their business. We don’t make it about us – but about you, and for this reason, is why you should choose us.

Our Courses
We offer intensive courses and skills development workshops within Footwear Design and Footwear Technology, Handbag Design and Handbag Making, as well has fashion apparel design from belts, hats and beauty. We also offer finishing off courses, such as graphic design, digital presentation & more. Each course and workshop is restricted to limited numbers, to achieve individual attention. We offer a wide variety of times for attending classes to suit all schedules from Full Time, Part Time & online learning.

Our After Service
Here at Style Architects we like to get personal, and how we do that is by focusing on each students & clients’ needs within the development of their brand. By showing the best possible route, assisting with brand development, as well as workshop set up and sourcing the right materials and machinery. Style Architects can also link up each student with a Footwear or Handbag manufacturer for bulk orders.

“…thank you Style Architects for the amazing experience I had designing shoes and bags, as well as making them. Beautiful experience indeed…. I really recommend your work to others who might be interested. Style Architects is home away from home. Go join and have fun…“

Thuli Mkhatshwa – Shoe Design & Handbag Design Courses


Continuous Learning is Continuous Progress

Develop a new skill to generate new income for yourself. We offer multiple courses and workshops for continued learning and progress.
Can’t figure out a design at home, book a workshop and a lecturer will assist you with your design and the making of your sample even after your courses.


To Mass Produce or to Custom Make

Learn different techniques with regards to making Shoes, Handbags and Hats. We offer guidance on how you can make products from home without heavy duty machinery, and supply what you need straight to your door – if you don’t want to make products yourself, let us link you up with a factory, and they can do the work for you.


Online Shopping is the Future

Style Architects is working hard on creating a beautiful online boutique that will showcase our student’s products and brands – We want to develop a platform that not only allows you to learn, but sell your products. This will allow your products to have yet another platform for more exposure. Allowing you to test the market without having to spend money on an e-commerce site or retail space.

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I want to learn

I want to learn

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