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About our Online Courses

About the Course

This course not allows you to study at home when you have time to yourself – but also allows you to pay the course off in 2 payments!

Our online course is structured into 2 separate semesters – making it so much easier to focus on the course and the different subjects within the course.

You will receive in-depth footwear design manuals and textbooks via courier straight to your home, so that you can begin learning – all the textbooks run according to the online videos, so no need for you to make notes; as you will have the notes you need right in your hands. Each semester you will learn 15 new chapters.

There are a total of 30 chapters for the beginner’s course – with exciting information to get you started in the footwear industry.

Simply login to our system once tuition fees are paid for the semester which you register for – watch our online videos and proceed to do assignments sent to you by your lecturer – if you have any questions during the course, no problem – simply email us and we will send you a descriptive answer to your question. If you still don’t understand – you have access to 2 one on one lessons per semester at 1.5hours each where you can come in and sit down with our lecturers.

Learn how to create footwear design patterns from ladies footwear through to mens footwear – design a shoe from beginning to end – bring your most exciting ideas in your mind to life with this exciting online footwear design course.

Apply now – don’t miss out.

Online Shoe Design Courses

If you have a busy schedule – and life is just a little bit crazy to attend classes – why not do our online correspondence course?

Duration: 12 months

Price: Please contact us about pricing

Register: Register@stylearchitects.co.za

Lessons: Optional attendance of 2 classes – 2hours each- per semester

How the Online Shoe Design Course Works

The course is structured in a simple easy way;

  1. Register for the course.
  2. Pay your registration fee for semester 1.
  3. You will then receive all your textbooks and stationery to complete the course straight to your doorstep.
  4. Receive login details
  5. Begin learning by watching our extensive range of HD Video Tutorials and feel like you are in class with your lecturer – videos can be watched as many times as needed.
  6. Follow the videos via our textbooks, complete fun filled exercises and submit assignments via email.
  7. Contact our lecturers on standby to help you with any questions you may have.
  8. Students can even register for private lessons at an additional fee charged per hour.

Course Layout


Semester 1 consists of 3 main subjects

Basic Shoe Design
Basic Shoe Pattern Engineering
Basic Footwear Manufacture and Materials


Semester 2 consists of 4 Main Subjects

Intermediate Shoe Design
Intermediate Shoe Pattern Cutting
Intermediate Footwear Manufacture and Materials Technology
Brand and Business Development