Illustration Course

1. Shoe Design Courses

Illustration & Presentation Courses

We offer numerous mixed media and illustration courses. These courses are specifically designed to either enhance your current skill set learned within Style Architects, or can enhance your skill in the workplace or in your own business. We have structured our courses that will suit your needs in your business and with starting your own brand.

  • Mixed Media & General Art Sketching Course
  • Digital CorelDraw Software Design Business Course
  • Digital CorelDraw Software Handbag Design Course
  • Digital CorelDraw Software Shoe Design Course


Mixed Media & General Art Sketching Course

The Basic Drawing and mixed media class will provide you with the basic skills that you need to further your design career by inspiring your creative process and expanding your imagination. In this course you will learn basic drawing skills and how to combine different mediums, students will also learn perspective, and sketching techniques using various media. This course is perfect for someone who wishes to perfect there sketching background, or get a better understanding on how to use certain art supplies to enhance your creative designs.

Course: Mixed Media Sketching Course

Duration: 7 weeks | 14 Lessons

Tuition  :  R5900-00

Times  :  Morning
Times :   Afternoon
Times :   Evening


Location  :  JHB


Kits Included  :   Footwear Stationery Kit
Kits Included :    Student required to purchase Mixed Media Kit


Learning Options  :   Full time
Learning Options:     Part time

Subjects  :    Creative Design

CorelDraw Digital Design Course


Our Basic CorelDRAW Courses are fantastic courses for digital design and presentation skills. A student will learn how to get up and running on CorelDRAW easily. We will teach you the tools, basic digital drawing skills, basic layout skills and how to apply them to enable you to create your own layouts and basic designs in CorelDRAW. Style Architects offers 3 main CorelDraw Courses that we have structured around either basic business application, Shoe Design or Handbag Design Presentation Courses.

The Basic Business CorelDraw Course
-assists a student to learn general design for business application. In other words take control of the way your business presents its self to the world. Learn how to design anything from a logo, headers and more, by using simple design application techniques a student can give their brand and business a better looking image and thus saving money in the long run.

Duration  :   8 weeks | 16 Lessons

Tuition   :   R9900-00

Times :  Morning,

Location  :   JHB

Kits Included: Student required to purchase Mixed Media Kit

Learning Options:   Full Time
Part Time

Subjects: Specialize in either Business, Shoes, or handbag Design


Laptop to bring to class
Student CorelDRAW installed on laptop.
Basic understanding of computers.
Basic knowledge of drawing/design.
Completed a handbag or shoe design course in order to do specialty courses.