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About Us

We offer a number of services to our clients – it all depends on what you would like to do.





Style Architects – a home of Fashion, Footwear, Handbags and Accessories. A bit about Style Architects – we teach, consult and manufacture for all our clients and students – we have various factories in the country that we develop brands in.

As a company, we strive to not only teach our clients about the industry within fashion, footwear and accessories but we assist along the way of creating your very own brand. We strive ourselves in assisting our students to become the very best they can be, and assist them
on the best possible path that suits their needs and goals.

We are also focusing on developing our retail strategy for all our clients – to develop their brands and then immediately place them in suitable retail chains, as well as selling their brands online. We are developing our boutiques – first starting online, then moving into a retail chain.

Style architects is a one-stop-shop company that will assist with you, to not only start your own business and become
the next Monolo – but also to learn the trade.

Our style architects focus on – footwear design, handbag design, clothing design and manufacture within all these sectors.

Style Architects not only consult on how to achieve style within yourself – but we can teach you the art within all these facets – with our very simple part-time courses.

In other words, we will teach you to not only look good – but we host workshops and courses that allow you to make others look good… just like we do.

We segment all our consultations and courses into different facets of expertise and you can learn all of them, and style yourself and others from head to toe. That is what Style Architects strive for – styling you from head to toe and making you shine, for that special day – or helping you start your very own footwear label, or become the next top styling consultant.


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At Style Architects we have an absolute passion for fashion – we focus on not only teaching our clients about the industry but having fantastic after service where our students and clients can always rely on us for advice and moving their business forward in the right direction.

We are the only company in the country that focuses on fashion and footwear design – as well as accessories.
This gives our clients an all-round knowledge and comfort to tackle the fashion industry.

Style Architects is one of the very few companies in the country to offer Footwear Design Courses –
our courses are based on Italian Footwear Design techniques.

We are also the only company that not only provides training, but assists with marketing and selling your product.
This gives you…the client, the freedom to not only focus on your designing and product development,
but the peace of mind of knowing that we are assisting you with selling your product.

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Our Comprehensive

Courses we offer

We offer a wide range of courses, within the fashion and design industry. We assist all our students with proper guidance & techniques, to start their very own brands.

  •  Footwear Design and Pattern Engineering Course
  •  Footwear Sketching Course
  •  Shoemaking Workshops
  •  1 Day Shoemaking Workshop

  • Handbag Design and Pattern Engineering Course
  • Handbag Sketching Course
  • Handbag Making Workshops

  • Fashion Sketching
  • Fashion Styling Workshops

  • CorelDraw Digital Illustration Courses
  • Multimedia and General Sketching Courses

  • Makeup Lessons & Personal Makeup Workshops

  • Image Consulting (Coming Soon)
  • Hat Making and Design Courses (Coming Soon)

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Our Competitive


Style Architects specializes in fashion, footwear and brand development. We have a fantastic team, that assists our clients with starting their own brands, manufacturing and of course design. We also have makeup artists who can specialize in special occasion makeup, for weddings and corporate functions.

>Services Include;

  •  Footwear Manufacture
  •  Footwear Technical Pattern Design and Development
  •  Range Development
  • Bag Manufacture
  • Bag Design and Pattern Development
  • Component Supply
  • Machinery Supply
  • Brand Image Development
  • Graphic Design
  • GMarketing Advice & Campaigns
  • Wedding and Special Occasion Makeup

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Why Choose Us

  •  We Offer a wide range of courses – by industry professionals
  •  We offer manufacturing assistance and advice
  •  We Manufacture locally, for a Proudly South African product
  •  We supply components from machinery, tools, and consumables
  •  We have convenient supply chain logistics, to deliver anything you require, straight to your door
  •  We offer advice and training on starting your very own Footwear and bag factory at home
  •  We offer brand management services – from graphic design to marketing your brand
  •  We offer Post – Certificate assistance
  •  We offer after sale service, with selling your products and brands with our own Boutiques.

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