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Start a career in Footwear Design

How to Become a Shoe Designer

The shoe industry is a very exciting industry, with so many facets you can become anything, from a footwear designer, to starting you own label, to making your very own hand crafted footwear in the comfort of your home.

Here at Style Architects we offer our very comprehensive, simple but in-depth shoe design workshops and courses to teach you how to design your very own shoes from home, and we can show you exactly how to start your very own shoe label.

We will never abandon any of our students, we offer services to each of our students when their course is complete, and free consultations and advice on how to start your own business.

Study Shoe Designing today, and become the shoe designer you know you can be!

Footwear Design and Technical Pattern Cutting – Beginners Course

Course: Shoe Design & Pattern Engineering Course

Duration: 3 Months | 24 Lessons

Times : Morning


Location : JHB
CPT (Part Time + Correspondence only)
DBN (Part Time + Correspondence only)


Kits Included :  Footwear Stationery Kit
Footwear Pattern Cutting Kit

Learning Options:  Full time
Part time


Register: Register@stylearchitects.co.za



About the Course

The particular course is fantastic for beginners – the course is intense and interactive. We only allow a limited amount of students in one class, because we believe in individual attention. It is an intensive course – but is packed with all the vital information to start your very own basic shoe business from home or becoming the next top shoe designer.

The course will focus on practical footwear pattern cutting as well as shoe designing. We also teach basic shoe making skills within this course.

As a beginners course, the student will learn how to do design a shoe from the very start, as well as learn about all the styles of footwear and basic shoe manufacture. This is the course to do if you want to start your own business, and be the designer of your own brand.

This course you will learn everything from how to design ladies flat sandals to gorgeous high heels – right up to men’s shoes – our lecturers will teach you step by step how to create footwear patterns, that you could send straight to a footwear factory and your shoe will be made, just how you designed – Talk about being the envy of all your friends – but it doesn’t stop there you will also learn about all the vital elements and components that are needed to make a shoe as well as the machinery. Your final exam will then be to design a shoe and make it with your own 2 hands.

Basic Footwear Sketching Course

Duration: 5 Weeks | 10 Lessons

Lessons: 2 sessions per week @ 2-3 hrs per session

Times   :  Morning,

Price: R 7 500

Notes: Supplied by Style Architects
Time: Morning Classes: 9am – 11am
Evening Classes: 6pm – 8pm
Saturday Classes: 9am – 11am

Kits Included   :   Student required to purchase Kit


Location: JHB
CPT (Correspondence only)
DBN(Correspondence only)


Learning Options :  Full time
Part time


Register: Register@stylearchitects.co.za

1 st Semester Dates

Please contact us for dates.



Our Shoe Sketching and Illustration Course is designed and planned to assist a student with presentation and perfecting sketching and design. This Shoe illustration course is perfect for someone who wants to get a taste of shoe design, to see if shoe designing is the career for you – or you can treat the course as a skill enhancer after doing our other Shoe design Courses.

This course is super fun – and all your wild, interesting shoe designs in your head  will now be on paper – we will show you how to use different mediums to create different finishes for your shoe designs.

Learn how to create mood boards, this will enable you to show your clients exactly how their shoe will look for their special day, or design a compilation of designs for your next range. Everything from men’s shoes to ladies shoes are packed in this course, in a fun filled way.


Shoe Design and Pattern Engineering Online Course

Duration: 1 Year

Price: R13 800 – Structured in 2 payments
Semester 1 payment – R6 900
Semester 2 payment – R6900

Stationery: R 1 800

Textbooks: R 899

Register: Register@stylearchitects.co.za

Dates: Contact us for dates

and textbooks filled with theory about the manufacturing process.

About the Course

Our online shoe design correspondence course is perfect for someone who has a very busy schedule and cannot attend classes and can only study in their spare time – from the comfort of their home.

The Shoe Design and Pattern Engineering Course is filled with lots of information about the footwear industry. The student will learn everything from sketching shoes, to making shoe design patterns, as well as have notes

How the Online Course Works

The course is structured in a simple easy way;

1. Register for the Shoe Design Online Course
2. Pay your registration fee for semester 1
3. You will then receive all your textbooks and stationery to complete the course straight to your doorstep.
4. Receive login details
5. Begin learning by watching our extensive range of HD Video Tutorials and feel like you are in class with your lecturer – videos can be watched as many times as needed.
6. Follow the videos via our textbooks, complete fun filled exercises and submit assignments via email.
7. Contact our lecturers on standby to help you with any questions you may have
8. Students can even register for private lessons at an additional fee charged per hour – ask you lecturer about these options.

Course Layout

Semester 1:

Semester 1 consists of 3 main subjects:

Basic Design
Basic Pattern Engineering
Basic Footwear Manufacture and Materials

Semester 2:

Semester 2 consists of 4 Main Subjects

Intermediate Design
Intermediate Pattern Cutting
Intermediate Footwear Manufacture and Materials Technology
Brand and Business Development